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Overkill – Ironbound

Wow – Overkill are back, and in a big way. Now, I’ve never been a rabid fanboy, but I’ve always been pretty fond of most of their early material. Post-Horrorscope though, the thrash legends had their share of ups, downs and line-up changes. Ironbound though, is set to change that. I can say with the […]

Dirtfedd – The American Nightmare

Albums like this just make me shrug with indifference. On one hand I really can’t find much wrong with it. “The American Nightmare” certainly isn’t a weak album. But on the other hand, it does absolutely nothing for me. Dirtfedd give us a pretty diverse metalcore album here. Opener “Solute” is sort of a heavier […]

Anew Revolution – Rise

Let me start off by saying that this is the most misleading band name of all time. Why do I say this? There is nothing revolutionary about this album other than the fact that it’s a few years too late. Metalcore is the new trend, not numetal. Lateness offends me, at least when it results […]

In Flames – A Sense of Purpose

I was one of those people that thought Clayman, Reroute to Remain and Come Clarity were all pretty good records. (I am, however, in agreement with the majority on Soundtrack to Your Escape), but it still took me a while to connect with In Flames’ latest A Sense of Purpose. My initial reaction to opener […]

Otep – The Ascension

Wow. What an unimpressive display of nu-metal simplicity. The Ascension marks Otep’s third full-length release since 2002, and not much has changed since then. The down-tuned trademarked guitars are still well in place, Ms. Shamaya’s rap-like delivery is there, and also those boring spoken/crooned/whispered poetry like segments layered over simple and sparse cords are present. […]

Paradise Lost – Symbol of Life

Some had hoped that Paradise Lost would return to their roots with the release of Symbol of Life. Not surprisingly, they haven’t and the band continues on the same path that was first introduced to us with their 1997 release, One Second. To me, the problem hasn’t been that big due to the fact that […]