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Paradise Lost – Obsidian

For a few albums now, England’s co-god fathers of Doom metal (along with My Dying Bride and back then, Anathema) have, like My Dying Bride, successfully mixed their old doom/death sound and their more commerical, mid era Depeche Mode plod, peaking with 2015s The Plague Within, where vocalist Nick Holmes even brought back death metal […]

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

2015 brings the return of England’s Paradise Lost for their 27th year in existence. It also brings fourth their 14th full length album. In this day and age, it is amazing to have a band with this kind of longevity and productivity. Add to that the fact that the lineup is original except for the drummer, […]

PARADISE LOST begin recording new album, Tragic Idol

After taking a trip back in time with the Draconian Times MMXI DVD/live album (the London legacy show of their classic album from 1995) and also Gregor Mackintosh’s return to his crusty doom/death metal roots with VALLENFYRE (alongside his mates from MY DYING BRIDE, DOOM, and AT THE GATES), it’s now time for PARADISE LOST’s 13th studio […]

Paradise Lost – Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us

As one of the European fathers of death/doom and gothic metal, Paradise Lost has had controversial ups and downs for years. Though the band has released quality music and some great albums, nothing has been quite as monumental as Gothic, Icon, and Draconian Times. If anything, the band stayed far from that chapter of their […]

Paradise Lost – Symbol of Life

Some had hoped that Paradise Lost would return to their roots with the release of Symbol of Life. Not surprisingly, they haven’t and the band continues on the same path that was first introduced to us with their 1997 release, One Second. To me, the problem hasn’t been that big due to the fact that […]