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Ghost – Phantomime EP

I reviewed Ghost’s several albums and I thought Impera was incredible.  The band has always had a penchant for doing cover songs and really is quite good at it.  Whereas many bands will like to do exact covers of the original song I appreciate when a band takes the time to make it their own […]

Ghost – Impera

I reviewed Ghost’s Meliora when it was released years ago. I did enjoy that album quite a lot, but also felt there was some filler on it.  The more I listen to that album, though, I truly appreciate it and love it.  It’s part of their first 3 albums, which are excellent as well as […]

Ghost – Meliora

I am not a hater of Ghost. I happen to love their prior albums, actually.  A lot of people jumped on the hateorade train thinking that Ghost were just an elaborate hoax of a band.  I’m not one of those.  I mean, how can a classic metalhead slag a band that has influences ranging from Mercyful Fate and Blue […]