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Lord Mantis – Death Mask

A fair amount of controversy has followed Chicago’s Lord Mantis upon the release of their third album, entitled Death Mask. The subject of art verses shock value has been debated at length, with frontman Charlie Fell in the firing line over the symbolic meaning of the disturbed image donning the cover art, created by Jef […]

Lord Mantis – Pervertor

What the fuck is going on in the midwest? I guess all those cold winter days spent inside listening to Darkthrone and drinking cough syrup have paid off because between Coffinworm, Wolvhammer and the new Lord Mantis they pretty much have the whole blackened sludge thing nailed down tighter than a really good metaphor for […]

LORD MANTIS Storms The East Coast With WETNURSE

Chicago’s blackened sludge tribe Lord Mantis announces they will be joining Seventh Rule labelmates Wetnurse for a week of dates down the East Coast this summer.  Lord Mantis features a former member of Nachtmystium and a current member of Indian. Lord Mantis’ debut full length, Spawning The Nephilim, hits stores April 28 via Seventh Rule.  […]