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Eight Bells – The Captain’s Daughter

Generally, most releases under the Seventh Rule banner come with an inordinate amount of distortion draped over them, falling somewhere between the crust and doom areas of classification. It’s what has made the label so successful in a short amount of time, and has polarized it to those who prefer their metal a bit more […]

Author & Punisher – Ursus Americanus

Mechadoom. Color me jealous I didn’t come up with the term, but damned if Decibel didn’t hit the nail on the head with that genre descriptor when trying to concisely convey the sound of Author & Punisher. Hey, if the shoe fits, wear it, and this shoe sounds just like “mechadoom”. Ursus Americanus is the fourth overall album from the […]

Atriarch – Forever the End

I really wanted to like the debut from this doom sludge act from Portland more, but despite a sickly hue and oozing pallor, I can’t bring myself to be as impressed as I am by other like minded acts (Cough, Thou, Highgate, Coffinworm). It starts out well enough with a throbbing patient lope and fuzzed, […]

Millions – Gather Scatter

Seventh Rule Recordings chief Scott Flaster has been churning out a slew of noisy, dissonant, and/or angular shots across the musical bow for some time now. Indian, Akimbo, and Lord Mantis all fall into that category in one form or another. As such, it would seem logical that his own band, Millions, would combine all […]

LORD MANTIS Storms The East Coast With WETNURSE

Chicago’s blackened sludge tribe Lord Mantis announces they will be joining Seventh Rule labelmates Wetnurse for a week of dates down the East Coast this summer.  Lord Mantis features a former member of Nachtmystium and a current member of Indian. Lord Mantis’ debut full length, Spawning The Nephilim, hits stores April 28 via Seventh Rule.  […]

Light Yourself On Fire – Intimacy EP

Here is a very tasty little17 minute, 6 track EP of fierce, angular but intelligent hardcore featuring former Reversal of Man vocalist Matt Coplon as well as other veterans from the Tampa, Florida hardcore scene and even former Brutality demo drummer Ken Karg (yes, that Brutality). With a darkly nihilistic tone and atmosphere littered with […]

Wetnurse Signs to Seventh Rule Recordings

Seventh Rule Recordings announces the newest member of its family: Wetnurse. From the heart of New York City, Wetnurse emerges with a signature style that carries forth the spirit of some of the Big Apple’s most crucial heavy bands — Bad Brains, Swans, Unsane, Quicksand, Brutal Truth… Seventh Rule Recordings owner Scott Flaster describes Wetnurse: […]

Indian – Slights and Abuse/The Sycophant

Taking two recent vinyl only releases and putting them into one CD is Seventh Rule’s typically noisy and gnarly Chicagoans, Indian who deliver a middle ground effort of rumbling, sludgy, occasionally shoegazer styled metal, that won’t really impress anyone other than fans of the genre, despite its cool artwork. Tracks 1-4 comprise the Slights and […]