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Light Yourself On Fire – Intimacy EP

Here is a very tasty little17 minute, 6 track EP of fierce, angular but intelligent hardcore featuring former Reversal of Man vocalist Matt Coplon as well as other veterans from the Tampa, Florida hardcore scene and even former Brutality demo drummer Ken Karg (yes, that Brutality). With a darkly nihilistic tone and atmosphere littered with […]

Seventh Rule Reveals LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE Album Details

Seventh Rule Recordings announces September 16 as the release date for “Intimacy,” the label debut by Light Yourself On Fire. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Light Yourself On Fire is fronted by Matt Coplon, vocalist for renowned hardcore band Reversal Of Man. “Intimacy” was recorded and mixed by Mark Nikolich (Torche, Kylesa) and mastered by Scott […]