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Agonal Breathing – Pure Agony

As it goes, I found myself in a part of my music cycle where the lowest tuned riffs written by the lowest forms of subterranean life is what I seek.  So I go get lost in the pit of decaying offal that is the Slam Worldwide YouTube channel until I find something new that hits […]

Ossuary Anex – Mutilation Through Prayer

Russia’s Ossuary Anex came into existence in 2008, and 4 years later released their debut, Awakening on the now defunct SFC Records.  I really enjoyed their debut and even reviewed it on  They now return with Mutilation Through Prayer and it’s a killer follow-up album.  The band wears their influences on their sleeves.  Internal […]

Disfigured – Anthology of Dementia

Disfigured was a NY death metal band, back in the 90’s and I was friends with the fellas, especially Ryan Schimmenti, the founding member.  Russia’s Lord of the Sick Recordings have just issued, in limited pressing, Anthology of Dementia, which puts all of Disfigured’s recordings on a cd.  I was a huge fan of this band, […]