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Carach Angren – Death Came Through a Phantom Ship

Pretty much every source labels Carach Angren as symphonic black metal, but in all honesty I disagree. The band’s latest album Death Came Through a Phantom Ship goes way beyond the darkness and blackness that the word pair ‘black metal’ holds. But for the sake of being a conformist, let’s play along and call it […]

Abstract Rapture – Democadencia

This is the debut album from these Luxembourg-based thrashers, and at first, Democadencia seems like another rehash of chunky, down-tuned mid ‘00s groove-metal. Devildriver immediately comes to mind. Vocals also stir up some déjà vu – first with the clipped phrasing and bark of Wayne Static (of Static X), and then, in the more melodic […]

Le Grand Guignol – The Great Maddening

It’s not too surprising that Luxembourg act Le Grand Guignol shares a label with Carach Angren – both play a melodramatic, heavily ornamented style of symphonic black metal that’s sure to send the troo and kvlt into paroxysms of bile-spewing rage. However, where Carach Angren is steeped in horror-movie theatrics – all furious strings and […]

Carach Angren – Lammendam

Just in time for Halloween comes this concept album by Dutch symphonic black metal act Carach Angren. The name is taken from The Silmarillion, although there’s no Tolkien reference in the music. And unlike many symphonic bm acts, there’s none of the usual Satanic nonsense either. Instead, Carach Angren have refreshingly built the album around […]

Dutch black-metal flagship CARACH ANGREN sets sail

CARACH ANGREN – STOP – RECORDING IN AUGUST – STOP – ALBUM NAME: DEATH CAME THROUGH A PHANTOM SHIP – STOP – RELEASED END 2009 VIA MADDENING MEDIA – STOP – SAVE YOUR SOULS – STOP  On their pillage through the seven sickening seas, the haunted Dutch four-master CARACH ANGREN boarded countless freighters and encountered […]