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NOVEMBER’S DOOM Prepare For Release of 9th Studio Album Via The End Records

“Bled White” Pre-Orders Available Now! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (April 30, 2014) – Cited as one of the earliest death/doom metal bands to come out of the US, Chicago’s Novembers Doom will release their ninth studio album titled – Bled White on July 15, 2014 via The End Records. The follow up to the group’s critically […]

Interview with Novembers Doom

A stalwart of the Chicago doom/death metal scene for over a decade, Novembers Doom raised some eyebrows with their last 2 albums; 2007s The Novella Reservoir and 2009s Into Nights Infernal Requiem. The band injected more pure and aggressive death metal into their melancholy laced sound, with surprisingly brutal results. However with their latest release, Aphotic, the band appears to have returned to their doomier, sadder and more tempered releases of their first 5 albums. So while casually Facebook chatting with Novembers Doom drummer and fellow writer Sasha Horn a full fledged interview sort of evolved. And here is the subsequent impromptu result….

Interview With November’s Doom

Even though European heavy metal fans have always trounced their stateside counterparts in terms of dedication to their bands, it still puzzles me that so many folks on this side of the pond bypass Novembers Doom. Not only has the Chicago act perfected a unique brand of doom/death, but they’ve improved and expanded their sound, resulting in albums like The Pale Haunt Departure, The Novella Reservoir, and Into Night’s Requiem Infernal that are filled with quality metal and memorable songwriting from top to bottom. That Novembers Doom can play a Minneapolis festival with the likes of Primal Fear and Atheist and be lucky to draw 100 people, then turn around and fly to Spain to play a show for 800 people that sold out in advance speaks volumes about the difference between European and U.S. punters. In the interview that follows I discuss that contrast, the new album and generally all things Novembers Doom with guitarist Larry Roberts.

November’s Doom – Into Nights Requiem Infernal

Celebrating 20 years in existence, Chicago’s Novembers Doom have always delivered. Starting their career in gothic/death/doom, this band has cultivated a sound and veered their career to new levels in recent years. The balance of straightforward death metal and the bands signature discouragement has been perfected in the past two releases and Into Nights Requiem […]

November’s Doom – The Novella Reservoir

After 6 albums, November’s Doom have been one of the most consistent acts in the US doom/death scene and along with Daylight Dies have made some international noise and comparisons. However, they have never really taken that true step forward (as Daylight Dies did with Dismantling Devotion), but now with album number 6, the rock […]