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All Out War – Dying Gods EP

Any fan of hardcore knows the name All Out War, but you can be forgiven if you haven’t heard their name in a while.  After belting out 3 straight LPs from 2003-2010, the band has been relatively silent since then.  Well the wait is over, as nearly the whole lineup from 1998’s For Those Who […]

Shit Outta Luck – Family Tradition

Where as the release from label mates Get Back Up was a more uplifting form of contemporary hardcore, Milwaukee’s Shitt Outta Luck is their drunk, nasty, pissed of and dirtier older brother… With members of Wings of Scarlet and Die Alone in their ranks, Shit Outta Luck deliver a grimier, more punk and booze fueled […]

Get Back Up – Weathering the Storm

You’ll have to bear with me, I have a handful of hardcore CDs I have to review in order to get them out of my mp3 player, the first of which is Buffalo, NY’s, contemporary hardcore act, Get Back Up and their 9 track ‘full length’ debut. And like the album, this review will be […]

Hollow Ground – Cold Reality

As the regular visitors to the site might have already realized, I’m not the biggest fan of the current hard/metalcore wave. Too many bands, inflation, no one’s happy, yadda yadda – you get the idea. Far from being original, Canadian Hollow Ground do at least something right to these ears. 6 songs, 12 minutes of […]