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Xael – Bloodtide Rising

“Impressive…most impressive.” These words from the dark Sith lord himself, Darth Vader, are what rang through my mind upon my initial experience with Bloodtide Rising, the sophomore full-length album from North Carolina’s Xael…okay, I’m full of shit. What I really thought was, “Fuck me, this is some kick ass shit!” And it is. I mean […]

Pathology – Reborn to Kill

I’m not sure what is more surprising- that this is Pathology’s 10th album since 2006, or that its released on Pavement Music/Entertainment, once a prolific extreme metal label, now home to the likes of Dishwalla, Puddle of Mud, Flaw and Tantric. Either way, album number 10 sticks to the tenets of the last few albums, […]

Caustic Method – The Virus

I liked a few numetal bands. There, I said it. I once read an interview with Gene Hoglan where he indicated, very strongly, that we are lucky to live in an age where even the shitty metal acts are better than much of the dross he (and, as I am around his age, I) was […]