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Spark Is A Diamond – Try This On For Size

I often get a lot of ‘odd’ albums for review here at teethofthedivine. Albums I can’t quite classify as metal, but also can’t completely discount, or albums I simply can’t describe adequately. The debut album from Philadelphia trio Spark Is A Diamond is all the above. In short, SIAD is a sort of screamo/punk band […]

Dead See, The – Through the Veil

Here’s an impressive slab of darkly sludgy, doomy, belligerent atonal hardcore adorned with some neat Tom Denny artwork (Mastodon, Yakuza, Soilent Green, Rwake, Kylesa). While The Dead See shares artwork with the above named bands, they are not too drastically different from those artists either. While most doomy hardcore is simply hardcore at its base […]

Orangeburg Massacre, The – Moorea

My apologies to the readership here, but things are going to be a bit ‘core’ for a while as I wade through my considerable pile of angry young men trying their hand at various offshoots of hardcore and metalcore, not to worry though Nile and Gorefest reviews are coming shortly. LA’s The Orangeburg Massacre are […]

WithAllSincerity – The Age Where Nothing Fits

Starting with a frantic and menacing pace, before developing some serious creepy-crunch dance floor cred, all the while staying dangerously punk; WithAllSincerity impress me right off the bat. Raging jagged speed riffs sear into the consciousness, beating and pummeling the listener into a pain-induced trance. They convey the garage or vfw thrash out attitude, while […]

As I Lay Dying – Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes

Did I read the name right? Maybe the manufacturing plant put the wrong screening on the CD when they pressed it, because Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes by As I Lay Dying resembles Zao in every aspect, even down to the band photo and signature vocal delivery. Hailing from San Diego, California’s As I Lay […]