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As I Lay Dying – Shaped By Fire

What the Fuck? Have I gone back in time to 2006-2008? Unearth released a great album last year, Killswitch Engage released a great album earlier this year, and now As I Lay Dying have released a great album!!!! I digress. But personally I have found the story arc of AILD frontman Tim Lambesis more interesting […]

AS I LAY DYING Vocalist Tim Lambesis Speaks Out for First Time Since Arrest

As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis has spoken out for the first time since his arrest in may of 2013 for soliciting a hit man to murder his estranged wife, Megan Lambesis. Via his official tumblr account, Lambesis made the following statement: “I’ve come across many comments, both private and public, asking me to […]

Interview with As I Lay Dying

After a decade of being in a state of half-life or half-death, the sadistic jokers in us all thought that San Diego’s premier metalcore outfit, As I Lay Dying, might have gotten so weak that they will finally fulfill the prophecy of their ill-fated name and, well, kick the musical bucket. Contrarily, the famed Christcore group are not only still alive and well, but have been consistent in the quality of their work by meeting expectations with flying colors (again) on 2010’s chart topper, The Powerless Rise. Being one of the rare few metalcore acts around that don’t attract an ammo-truckload of explosive hate, As I Lay Dying are still going strong ten years on, thriving on the positive attention of music fans instead of feeding off the negative attention generated by perennial controversies surrounding the –core sub-genres—a banal and verbally-abusive phenomenon that plagues many of their contemporary counterparts to no end. Having decided to take it easy this year and celebrate their tenth year anniversary, the group recently released their second and latest compilation album, Decas. From his San Diego dwelling (and a few weeks before Decas was released), frontman Tim Lambesis elaborates on various aspects pertaining to the new compilation, what a physically active person he is during his spare time, and gives an update on his Arnie-themed spoof project.

AS I LAY DYING release details on new album “Decas” US tour announced!

A Decade of Destruction Tour to feature special guests Of Mice and Men, The Ghost Inside, iwrestledabearonce & Sylosis Grammy®-nominated metal group AS I LAY DYING is pleased to announce the details of their upcoming release Decas and the “A Decade of Destruction” tour; both coinciding with the band’s 10-year anniversary. With over 1,000,000 units […]

As I Lay Dying – Shadows Are Security

Poor old Metal Blade, they can’t catch break. Hoping to bottle the magic of their prior albums, they signed Unearth, The Red Chord and As I Lay Dying, in hopes of riding the hype their debut albums garnered in the metalcore scene. Alas though both, The Oncoming Storm and Clients were over hyped and under […]

As I Lay Dying – Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes

Did I read the name right? Maybe the manufacturing plant put the wrong screening on the CD when they pressed it, because Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes by As I Lay Dying resembles Zao in every aspect, even down to the band photo and signature vocal delivery. Hailing from San Diego, California’s As I Lay […]