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Bewitched – Spiritual Warfare

Over the years throwing Bathory, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate and Kreator in a blender along with Motorhead has worked wonders for this Swedish mainstay. Minor lineup changes have had little impact either. They have dropped the bullet belts and corpsepaint as well, going back to the black leather jackets again. They even seem to have […]

Naglfar – Diabolical + Vittra Reissues

No you’re are not imagining things. Regain has Re-Re issued Naglfar’s two best albums and though 1995’s Vittra was already re-issued in 2001 (also on Regain) and 1998’s superb Diabolical was re-issued and re-mastered in 2002, here are those exact reissues, again. I’m not complaining thought as I get to review and gush about Diabolical, […]

Marduk – Dark Endless, Those Of The Unlight, Opus Nocturne, Heaven Shall Burn…When We Are Gathered Re-issues.

I’m sure these re-issues, which are now apparently available for the first time domestically in the US are no big deal to 95% of black metal fans seeing as most die hard fans no doubt already own Marduk’s first four albums. However, for black metal noobs like me whose first exposure to Marduk wasn’t until […]

Time Requiem – Optical Illusion

Once upon a time, I valued technical proficiency above all other musical attributes. It probably had something to do with the musician crowd that I was hanging around with. Then one day, I was sitting in my room and the sad truth struck me. I’m a lousy guitar player, and even though I love playing, […]

Marduk – Plague Angel

New blood can rejuvenate. Plague Angel proves this. Arioch is a good choice for Legion’s replacement. When Legion took over vocals I was not won over for awhile. I got used to his style and started to think of him as one of the best of the more deathish black style even overlooking his rather […]

Marduk – La Grande Danse Macabre

Renown for their uncompromising approach to black metal, Sweden’s Marduk has leveled many expectations and gained a loyal following over their 10-year career. From the near-death metal trappings of Dark Endless to last year’s ultra-venomous Panzer Division Marduk, the men in black wear every one of their bloody victories proudly on their shirtsleeves. And, for […]