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Marduk – Memento Mori

Marduk are a steadfast part of the Black Metal scene. From the beginnings with their more death metal debut, Dark Endless to their Dracul trilogy and fast forwarding to their ultra-military Germania and the mighty as cannot be fucked with, the Black Metal equivalent of Slayer’s Reign in Blood; you know what the fuck I’m […]

Marduk – Viktoria

Sometimes as a reviewer, you get a bit burnt out. It often becomes tiring trying to find new and creative ways to describe the vast multitude of styles and genres within the metal universe. In particular, black metal continues to grow, expand and develop, shattering ceilings and pushing envelopes with artists like Deafheaven, Vallendusk, Paths, […]

Gig Report – Marduk, 1349, Withered, Weapon, and Black Fucking Cancer (SF, USA)

Aside from the bragging rights associated with attending a Swedish metal show, I was genuinely excited to see some “real” metal after spending the last two weeks lavishing in the cheap thrills of’s Metalcore/Deathcore/Nintendocore room.

Even though it was on a Sunday night, and I was violently hung over and sleep deprived, I packed my camera gear, put on the tightest pair of black jeans I could find, and drove down to DNA Lounge in San Francisco, California, to see an awesome lineup of bands.

MARDUK announces title of new studio album

Swedish black metal tyrants MARDUK are currently in the studio finishing the recording of their 12th studio album, entitled Serpent Sermon. The album is set to be released in late spring 2012– be sure to check out some in-studio photos here on the band’s Facebook. Serpent Sermon‘s track-listing and other additional information about the album […]

Marduk – Iron Dawn

The only thing here missing is the logo. Not that the dust had begun to settle on Wormwood―that will take many years―Marduk is back to keep themselves fresh in your mind. The band is cyclical. Many fans want bands to evolve, many do not. Marduk evolves by continually borrowing from their own past, birthing new […]

MARDUK: Band Marches Through Asia; 20th Anniversary Box Set In the Works

  Having recently returned from a successful stint on the coveted Blackest Of The Black tour through North America playing alongside Danzig and Possessed (among many others), Swedish black metal squadron MARDUK recently set out to destroy Asia. The tour kicked off this weekend in China and will pummel its way through Singapore and several locations in […]

DANZIG to tour with Possessed and Marduk

Los Angeles, CA – Glenn Danzig today announced the highly anticipated return of his BLACKEST OF THE BLACK tour. In its latest reincarnation since 2008, the tour’s lineup will feature Danzig, legendary Bay Area hell-thrashers Possessed and Swedish black metal pioneers Marduk, who are making a rare & long awaited U.S. touring appearance. Toxic Holocaust […]

MARDUK North American Tour Update + Interview Footage

Following three very special US appearances this summer in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York (effectively breaking their streak of visa issues), Swedish black metal battalion MARDUK will return for a full headlining North American tour this November. The band will be joined by Nachtmystium, Mantic Ritual, Merrimack and Black Anvil (on select dates). An updated […]

Marduk – Wormwood

Three listens back to back to back of Wormwood will leave you laying on the floor in a pool of drool, even if you are up to date on your inoculations. To paraphrase Legion, if you don’t know what Marduk is what the hell are you doing here.  Marduk has a history of short intros, […]

MARDUK Cover Art Unveiled

The cover art for Wormwood, the upcoming full-length from Swedish black metallers MARDUK has been unveiled here.  More news and song titles TBA. Check some photos from the recording at the Endarker Studio here: In related news, MARDUK will land on US soil later this summer for three very special dates with Withered and […]

Marduk – Dark Endless, Those Of The Unlight, Opus Nocturne, Heaven Shall Burn…When We Are Gathered Re-issues.

I’m sure these re-issues, which are now apparently available for the first time domestically in the US are no big deal to 95% of black metal fans seeing as most die hard fans no doubt already own Marduk’s first four albums. However, for black metal noobs like me whose first exposure to Marduk wasn’t until […]

Marduk – Rom 5:12

Marduk is a kid in the candy shop band, a drop everything and pop it in the cd player with excitement band. When a new disk arrives, the world screeches to a halt until I’ve listened to the disk a few times, then I slowly start to recognize those worried glances from passing motorists… Rom […]

Marduk – Plague Angel

New blood can rejuvenate. Plague Angel proves this. Arioch is a good choice for Legion’s replacement. When Legion took over vocals I was not won over for awhile. I got used to his style and started to think of him as one of the best of the more deathish black style even overlooking his rather […]

Marduk – World Funeral

Does Marduk offer anything new? Do they need to if they deliver their style so perfectly? The sound quality is a vast improvement over La Grande…, pulverizing your vocal chords with an immense wall of sound with drumming so intense you will get bruises. Punishing without overpowering the guitars, they have finally achieved the perfect […]

Marduk – La Grande Danse Macabre

Renown for their uncompromising approach to black metal, Sweden’s Marduk has leveled many expectations and gained a loyal following over their 10-year career. From the near-death metal trappings of Dark Endless to last year’s ultra-venomous Panzer Division Marduk, the men in black wear every one of their bloody victories proudly on their shirtsleeves. And, for […]