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Sabaton – The War To End All Wars

There’s something that feels a little… I dunno… strange about listening to Sabaton these days. Right? To be fair, it’s not like war hasn’t been a constant part about being on planet Earth. But WORLD War? Jeez, seems sort of… archaic, no? Making bombastic, rousing power metal about heroism and battlefield glory and all that […]

Sabaton – The Great War

Much like my recent discovery of Blind Guardian, I was a late bloomer when it came to Sweden’s divisive war/history themed power metal vanguards Sabaton. It wasn’t until I randomly heard “Winged Hussars” (arguably still my favorite Sabaton track) from 2016s The Last Stand on a random spotify playlist that I became hooked. I grabbed […]

Sabaton – Heroes

Whenever in need of a new power metal fix, Sabaton has been my go-to band ever since I’ve been high and addicted on Pervitin and their 2008 standout album The Art of War. The hot frying pan of hot lead and tracer rounds is dripping of tasty cheese with the slightly perverted combination of perfectly […]

SABATON marches to Warsaw with Peter Stormare

Swedish power metal panzerwagen SABATON have just unleashed their latest music video for the track “Uprising”. Taken from the band’s newest album Coat of Arms, the track―and now the video―are about the Warsaw Uprising that took place in 1944. With the Soviet army looming towards the city, the Polish resistance and the Armia Krajowa tried […]

Sabaton – Coat of Arms

Sweden’s Sabaton blew me away few years back with The Art of War and to their credit they reminded me that power metal was still a viable genre. Needless to say, since then, I’ve been waiting for Coat of Arms in my fox hole, wearing an old Finnish M16 helmet. The Swedes are back again, […]

Sabaton – The Art of War

Sometimes the premise makes you laugh. Such is the case with Sabaton. Swedish power/heavy metal band singing about war. Before I was able to chuckle at the fact that Sweden last fought in a war so long ago no one actually remembers it anymore, the well-oiled heavy metal war machine shocked and awed me with […]