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Ingested – Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering

It took its sweet time, but finally, the UK is finally churning out quality, quality metal. Granted, there’s not the level of innovation that graced this island in the 80s and early to mid 90s but, there is a high volume of quality but more importantly, diversity. What’s more, it’s not just simply hordes of […]

Last House on the Left – Among Flies

In my line of work, I’m all about first impressions. I will generally make a snap judgment about a person and determine their veracity within about 30 seconds. Luckily, this does not apply to metal albums and reviews, because if I had simply relied on first impressions, Among Flies would have been album of the […]

Plasmarifle, The – While You Were Sleeping, the World Changed in an Instant

While you might expect yet another clichéd take of breakdown reliant deathcore based on the band name, label and overly dramatic album title, the fact is, once you discover The Plasmarifle hail from arguably the tech metal capital of the world, Montreal, feature former Neuraxis vocalist Maynard Moore and a familiarly tight mastering effort from […]

Nefuastus Dies – Urban Cancer

Here’s a release that would seem really odd when you look at its  actual parts: a 2 year old symphonic black metal album (originally rleased by Deepsend Records in 2006) from Canada, featuring former Ion issonance vocalist Sébastien Painchaud (going by the far more black metal name of ‘Ill-Fate’ here) as well as at one […]

Annotations of An Autopsy – Before The Throne of Infection

With Siege of Amida losing its crown jewel (Whitechapel) to that all encompassing mega metropolis (Metalblade for those not in the know), it made sense to ensure that their next deathcore monolith was firmly propelled into the consciousness of the metal spheres, and disregard what reception was received, which so far has been positive in […]

Knights of the Abyss – Juggernaut

Much like the recent Candlelight/SOAR releases Diskreet, Rose Funeral and Whitechapel, Arizona’s Knights of the Abyss ply a form of technical, grindy, breakdowny, modern death metal, that’s to say, and I hate to use the term; deathcore, and they actually should give Job For A Cowboy (who share the same producer) a run for their […]

Whitechapel – The Somatic Defilement

As the deathcore genre becomes ever more burgeoning and ever more hated by them (the haters, shit talkers and internet dawdlers) who demand that the bands plying this style stop ‘breeing,’ claim they write poor death metal and have too many shitty metalcore breakdowns etc. But of course, their salient directive is that these bands […]

Rose Funeral – Crucify. Kill. Rot

Here’s another of Candlelight’s deathcore records licensed from the UK’s excellent Siege of Amida’s records (Diskreet, Whitechapel, The Partisan Turbine and Knights of the Abyss), and while not the best release or most original album either label will release this year, it’s a competent and confident record of snarling, breakdown heavy deathcore. The formula is […]

Martriden – Martriden EP

Afer self releasing this stunning EP late last year, here come Montana’s Martriden (named after a Norse nightmare inducing wraith) now armed with an appropriate and deserved record deal, re-releasing thier 4 song (though each song ranges for 5-7 minutes), debut that deserved the attention of SOA/Candlelight and now deserves the attention of fans of […]

Diskreet – Infernal Rise EP

So Candlelight has signed a Deathcore band? Though it initially seemed a bit ‘trendy’ to me, but to their credit in Kansas’s Diskreet, they have found a solid act that delivers the goods. Licensed from the UK’s Siege of Amida Records and having 2 bonus tracks, Infernal Rise is exactly what you would expect from […]