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Dungeon Steel – Bloodlust EP

One of the things I love most about music, and this especially applies to the wide-ranging world of metal, is that there are all kinds of ways a band can grab you by the throat and force you to give them your attention. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, one-formula-for-all situation. You can dazzle with an all-out […]

ARNA – Dragged to a Lunar Grave

Here’s a release I completely overlooked earlier this spring, but as I was searching through the vast Teethofthedivine promo library in search of melodic black metal similar to stuff I recently reviewed by Warmoon Lord, Winter Eternal and Runespell, I stumbled across the short but excellent gem of a debut from this Spanish black metal […]

Goldenpyre – In Eminent Disgrace

Cut from the same moldy, dank doom/death cloth as Ciande and Desecresy, Portugal’s Goldenpyre deliver a fine debut of simple, riff based chugging , slightly ritualistic doom/death  metal that hints at finer things to come. Not as nauseating or atonal as country mates The Ominous Circle, Goldenpyre have a distinct old school Chicago/Midwest, steady, death […]