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So Hideous – Laurestine

Last Poem/First Light, the 2013 debut from these NYC blackgazers, was a gorgeous affair, layering dramatic (and real) orchestration and choirs on top of a Deafheaven-y black metal backbone. Since signing on with Prosthetic Records, the band is reaping the rewards, and has increased the orchestra size from 10 to 30 for their second release – which is a full-on […]

SO HIDEOUS Sign With Prosthetic Records

Prosthetic Records is excited to reveal its latest signing — the acclaimed, genre-defying Brooklyn quartet So Hideous, who will release their full-length debut “Last Poem / First Light” (See our review here) on CD, cassette and 180-gram black vinyl on April 29! You can pre-order the new album now in the Prosthetic webshop ( and […]

Interview with So Hideous

New York’s So Hideous is the kind of black metal band that purists love to hate. No spikes, no corpse pain, no Satanic lyrics or imagery. Just four dudes in flannel shirts and jeans. Throw in some gorgeous orchestration and you get the perfect storm of supposed pretentiousness that linked to the likes of Liturgy and Deafheaven. But, for those willing to look past all of that bullshit and actually listen to So Hideous and their recently self released full length debut, the result will be fulfilling.

So Hideous – Last Poem/First Light

Even after a name change from So Hideous….My Love, this New York post black metal act is still going to be labeled a ‘pretentious’ band and lumped in with the likes of Deafheaven, Liturgy and such, but personally I don’t give a fuck, as Last Poem/First Light improves upon the same taught, orchestration filled, post black metal […]