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Fvneral Fvkk – Carnal Confessions

What’s in a name? Are you the type to disregard a metal band due to a dubious moniker? Germany’s Fvneral Fvkk would probably fit into the category if you were so inclined to feel that way. Is this a lo-fi piss-take black metal act or novelty metal band? If you thought you had the band […]

Torrens Conscientium – Alone With All the Thoughts

I might be picking in the wrong season here.  I’m growing a crop of doom/death when the weather consistently lures me towards faster riffs, heavy groove abandon or something that will have me speeding down the highway at 100 mph and swerving between lanes.  The Ukraine’s Torrens Conscientium are not exactly band, but you know […]

Oktor – Another Dimension of Pain

A slab of brute force melancholy from Poland, Oktor’s full-length debut after a string of mini-albums is a grandstand of kiloton riffs and lighter shading.  They straddle the fence of sadness without getting too weepy for their own good and bring some of the heaviest guitar work I’ve heard in the death/doom across the eight […]

Lachrimatory – Transient

According to my research a “Lachrimatory” is a vase that stores cried tears.  If my findings don’t clue you in on what kind of band Brazil’s Lachrimatory are then you are probably beyond my help.  This is mournful, gothic death/doom that will have you reaching for the tissues and a shoulder to weep on.  Originally […]

Heavy Lord – Holy Grail

Rank, damp, musty, raw Doom. From the intstrumental intro “The Holy Grail” to the end of “F.T.S.S.”, Heavy Lord is going to drown you in smoke, scum, feedback and sweat. Drawing from Stoner Doom as well as Sludge and Traditional Doom, Heavy Lord delivers the goods with force and intent. The way the guitars blend […]