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Mystras – Castles Conquered and Reclaimed

One of my best and oldest friends is a former metal and rock producer as well as FOH for a prominent metal band. He once told me: “With how cheap and easy it is to make a clear recording now, why would anyone settle for less?” That’s verbatim, of course. He’s not a fan of […]

Spectral Lore – III

If you were to ask me who are the most promising new era black metal bands that can carry the post ridden sub genre into the next millennium, I would tell you the divisive Deafheaven, Australia’s Woods of Desolation, but also France’s The Great Old Ones and Greece’s Spectral Lore. The latter two burst onto the scene […]

Mare Cognitum/Spectral Lore – Sol

I am not sure I have ever heard a more perfect marriage on a split release than Sol, the 3 song, almost 70 fucking minute, Sun themed opus from two of the more exiting, new, one man black metal projects going right now. Both released stunning CDs last year; Mare Cognitum‘s An Extraconscious Lucidity, and […]

Spectral Lore/ Locust Leaves – Split EP

Greece’s Spectral Lore rightfully (I hope) garnered  some attention with Sentinel, their magnificent third release that should put them on the black metal map. But it didn’t take long for Spectral Lore brainchild  Ayloss to get right back to business  by way of a fucking excellent split with fellow Greeks, Locust Leaves.I’m not usually one […]

Spectral Lore – Sentinel

Much like The Great Old Ones‘ release, Al Azif, Sentinel the third release from Greece’s Spectral Lore is an awesome black metal surprise that mixes a multitude of recognized black metal styles and tropes, notably Memoria Vestusta II era Blut Aus Nord, Krallice and other more ambient, experimental and otherwordly black metal. Even with a […]