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Tormented – Death Awaits

Despite featuring members of bands like Marduk, Pan-Thy Monium, Edge of Sanity, and Incapacity, and my love of all things Stockholm sounding, I never quite sunk my teeth into Rotten Death, the 2011 debut from this old school Swedish death metal group. Whether it’s the fact I was still reeling from the debut from Entrails […]

Tormented – Rotten Death

Do you enjoy your death metal most thoroughly when it reeks of decaying viscera and echoes the sounds of torturous carnage?  You do?!  Then hold onto your butts, for Tormented is poised to offend your delicate fuckin’ sensibilities with the churning tomb stench that embodies Rotten Death, the band’s 2009 debut repackaged and exhumed by […]

Listenable Records Signs Swedish Death Metal Band Tormented

LISTENABLE RECORDS has announced the signing of genuine Swedish death metal band TORMENTED featuring members of SCAR SYMMETRY, ex-MARDUK and DEVIAN. TORMENTED started playing 2008 with no other intentions than creating Death Metal that they themselves wanted to hear. Although TORMENTED may sound old-school it is not deliberately so, this is pure Death Metal! The […]