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Sinbreed – When World’s Collide

Power Metal, when done right, can get the blood flowing like no other genre. The double-kick tempos, the soaring vocals, the shredding guitars… all work together to get your head banging and horns flying. Sinbreed, with When World’s Collide, do just that. Something else about Power Metal is that, as fans who know the genre […]

Audiovision – Focus

Vocalist Christian Rivel (real name Christian Liljegren) has made quite a mark in the last 16 years. As a founding member of Narnia (7 albums), Divinefire (4 albums), Wisdom Call (1 album), Modest Attraction (2 albums) and Flagship (1 album)―not to mention his label Rivel Records―he’s racked up quite a discography. Yet another band/project fronted […]

Harmony – Chapter II: Aftermath

With as weak a name as Harmony, it might be easy to immediately dismiss these Christian Power Metallers but this could be a mistake as their music more than makes up for it the moment Chapter II: Aftermath (Chapter II, hereinafter) blasts out of your speakers. Although their lyrical subject matter is indeed also heavily […]