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Tomb of Finland – Across the Barren Fields

My friends, we are inching ever-closer to that most wonderful time of year again when you can actually go outside and, like, EXIST without instantly bursting into flames. When the air is crisp and everything doesn’t smell like either hot piss or cooked manure. The modern human is not made to endure summer. Summer arrives […]

Dark Overlords, The – Darkpocalypse EP

Every day it seems, the world further blurs the line between what’s considered crackpot conspiracy, and accepted reality. The notion that some secret, Satanic society of ultra-powerful lizard oligarchs are the true masters and gatekeepers of the Earth’s wealth and resources seems, to many, like an absolute truth. I don’t personally subscribe to this particular […]

Thalarion – Dying on the Scorched Plains

Holy fuck! Talk about a blast from my past!  Back in my early days at, I loved me some Eastern European death/doom.  Back then, I covered a Slovakian band’s 2000 release, Four Elements Mysterium (still one of my favorites from the era/genre), and excellent, but less gothic doom 2002 follow-up, Tunes of Despondency. They […]

Dr. Acula – Below Me

Great, another group of kids playing off the wall spazzy, crumbly, squealy deathcore. Except this lot are named after a Mitch Hedberg joke, have lots of samples (including Dane Cook and Anchorman), goofy song titles and quirky synths and an oh so quirky sense of humor. And somehow they’ve done this for 3 fucking albums […]

Liferuiner – Tacking Back the Nightlife

It’s been a turbulent year for straightedge moshers Liferuiner. After releasing No Saints,  arguably the heaviest hardcore album of 2007, the singer was kicked out for allegedly having sex with a minor, then a label change and then fill in singer Danny Surjanac and drummer Shane Tyrer were recently arrested for 28 counts of graffiti. […]

Underminded – Eleven:Eleven

Despite the promising orchestral, hardcore choir of intro “Enfermeria, Part III: The Recovery”, the second full length effort from political SoCal hardcore stalwarts Underminded is only a slightly above average contemporary hardcore effort. Lying somewhere between the likes of Passion and Dead Hearts as far as emotional, metallic yet melodic hardcore, but with some angular […]

I Am The Ocean – And Your City Needs Swallowing

Though an ambitious debut from these Utah youngsters, there’s is just too much popular music scene culture colliding all at once. Although rooted in the post rock tones of Isis, IATO also throw in some progressive, angular rock a la modern Dillinger and The Deftones as well as some emo/screamo quirkiness for good, kid appealing […]