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Impalement – The Dawn of Blackened Death

Impalement is the Swiss, one-man project from Beliath (who also helps out with Germany’s Nargaroth for live shows).  But unlike the other recent Swiss one-man project I reviewed, Felonie, which was more melodic atmospheric black metal, this, as the apt album title states, is blistering, black/death metal. The Dawn of Blackened Death is the second […]

Aeternus – Philosopher

Around since the early 90s, main man Ares and his band Aeternus delivered some pretty classic, folky black metal albums early on in their career with Beyond the Wandering Moon and ….And So The Night Became. They were also one of the first bands to blend death and black metal and have the term ‘blackened […]

Hate Manifesto – ΑΠΟΣΤΑΤΗΣ

Listen, I’ll make this short because frankly listening to Hate Manifesto‘s ΑΠΟΣΤΑΤΗΣ (‘Apostate’) gives me a headache, and I want to get this review knocked out ASAP. As much as I love being enveloped by swathes of orchestral and symphonic elements in my metal, sometimes a good no-frills, solid kick in the teeth gets me […]

Ironmaster – Weapons of Spiritual Carnage

Sweden’s Ironmaster is a supergroup featuring a trio of dudes who are ir have been in such bands as Carnal Forge, Facebreaker, Scar Symmetry Dark Funeral and Incapacity. And while Black Lion Records is usually known for their more melodic or symphonic black metal offerings, Ironmaster delivers a savage assault of blistering no frills blackened/death […]

Olkoth – At the Eyes of Chaos

Sometimes I need a break from my symphonic addiction and shake things up a bit and get back to basics. Go back to my roots so to speak…how about some relentless, blasting blackened death metal from South Carolina??? Fuck yes. And Olkoth ( a deity from the Cthtulu mythos) with current and ex-members from various […]

Wormgod – Where Old Curses Rest

Sometimes you hear an album, and it awakens something in you. It pulls you in with long, skeletal arms and shows you sights you never imagined. Cursed lands where Black Metal reigns supreme, and the sky is always overcast with storm clouds. Allow me to introduce Wormgod, two insane Motherfuckers from Bucharest playing uncompromising Black […]

Wothrosch – Odium

Hailing from Greece, Wothrosch started in 2018 but Odium is their first and only album, and what a scorcher to start of 2023.  We get 8 songs with one word titles and this guy appreciates that quite a lot. Opening with “Child”, it’s immediately evident this is some doomy sludgy black metal.  Rather than having […]

Sirrush – Molon Labe

Sirrush (a dragon from Babylonian Mythology) is a new-ish Italian black/death metal band from Italy, They have been around since 2011, though Molon Labe is their first full-length album, and I had to review it as it tackles one of my favorite historical events of the Classical Age- The Battle of Thermopylae. No matter your […]

Blood of the Wolf- IV: The Declaration of War

Back in 2018, I covered Blood of the Wolf‘s second opus, II: Campaign of Extermination and it was /is still a fucking ripper of a record delivering some truly blood-pumping, war-mongering black/death metal that put them pretty high on the heap of the genre (“With Fire and a Thousand Flashing Blades” still makes me want […]

Shed the Skin – Thaumogenesis

For reasons I can’t quite begin to understand, the American Midwest has become a veritable hotbed for super evil, no-holds-barred, Satan-loving metal for metal’s sake. Something about all those hotdishes and passive-aggressive politeness come together to manifest the likes of NunSlaughter and Midnite and Nachtmystium and scores of other bands dedicated to high-octane, heretical carnage. […]

Dark Overlords, The – Darkpocalypse EP

Every day it seems, the world further blurs the line between what’s considered crackpot conspiracy, and accepted reality. The notion that some secret, Satanic society of ultra-powerful lizard oligarchs are the true masters and gatekeepers of the Earth’s wealth and resources seems, to many, like an absolute truth. I don’t personally subscribe to this particular […]

Sepulchral Curse – Deathbed Sessions EP

I dunno about you, but I love to make a meal out of an appetizer. And I don’t mean like a rich, white housewife going to a restaurant and ordering a side salad as their meal so they can fit into that bikini the 20 year old pool boy loves to see you in – […]