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Warrel Dane 1961-2017

With heavy hearts and disbelief we bid farewell to one of the most iconic voices in heavy metal, as Warrel Dane, the vocalist in Nevermore and Sanctuary has passed away due to a heart attack in São Paolo, Brazil where he was working on his second solo album.

Through his music, the man gave us a lot of inspiration here at Teeth of the Divine and we wish to send our condolences and pay our respect to the family and friends.

Warrel Dane, you will be missed.

Warrel Dane – Praises to the War Machine

When you play in a group of extremely talented musicians who are all trying to grab their piece of the spotlight, it’s no surprise that, at some point, you’d want to do your own record and put yourself in the spotlight. Already considered one of the best vocalists in metal, Warrel Dane now indulges his […]