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Klausenitzer, Linus – Tulpa

Fretless Bassist Linus Klausenitzer (formerly of Obscura, Currently Alkaloid) shines with his solo record Debut Tulpa (based on the 18 73book “Die Sphinx”  by Emil Besetzny)  Having been familiar with his work in former projects I was excited to hear what Klausenitzer could conjure up. Things kick off with “King of Hearts” which opens with […]

Finsterforst – Jenseits EP

Unfortunately, I missed the last album, Zerfall, from these guys. So the last taste in my mouth from them was the strange tangent EP, #YOLO, a departure from the band’s epic, cinematic stylings. But from what I gather Zerfall was indeed a return form of prior albums like2 012s Rastlos and 2015s  Mach Dich Frei. […]

Firtan – Marter

Germany’s Pagan/Black Metal act, Firtan return with their third full-length album – Marter.  I am new to the sounds of Firtan and the Pagan/Black Metal influences are something I am starting to enjoy, the more I hear bands playing this style of music. This review is for the 8 song album, but the physical copy […]

Harakiri For The Sky – Mære

I’m embarrassed to say I’m new to this Austrian atmospheric/post-black metal duo and their 4 prior albums, despite some familiarity with their previous band, Viking/Pagan themed black metal act, Bifrost. It appears to be a criminal oversight on my part, as I delved into the band’s back catalog to prepare for this review and the duo […]