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KHNVM – Visions Of a Plague Ridden Sky

One of my favorite things to ask people when they wanted to haggle over the pricing at the stores I worked at was “do you think you’re in an open market in Bangladesh”? You might gasp, how dare you ask a customer that?! Then ask yourself if you’ve ever done it… Anyhoo all kidding aside, […]

Cryptivore – Celestial Extinction

I’m a longwinded guy, there’s no doubt about it, but when it comes to Celestial Extinction, the debut full-length from Australia’s Cryptivore, there is simply no beating around the bush; this album kicks ass, plain and simple. This one-man band from multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Chris Anning, sounds like anything but, having a full band intensity […]

Plague, The – Within Death

The tragic death of Entombed/Entombed AD/Firespawn/Comecon vocalist LG Petrov (RIP), has me digging into any recent, HM2, Sunlight Sounding death metal I can find in the teethofthedivine promo inbox. And 3, in particular, have caught my ear early in 2021; Endseeker’s Mount Carcass, the LP reissue of Iron Flesh‘s second album, Summoning the Putrid (I […]