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Century – Red Giant

I’ve been a big fan of Century going back to their self titled EP and Faith & Failure days. The band mix hardcore and a big burly sense of angular but groovy, progressive metal and smart melody to make something that’s a little unique, so I was glad when the band got signed to Prosthetic […]


The Lancaster, Penn.-based post-metal act CENTURY – whose 2008 Prosthetic debut, Black Ocean, was named one of Revolver Magazine’s Top 20 albums of 2008 – were recently rejoined by original drummer Grant McFarland and bassist Ricky Armellino, the respective drummer and vocalist of fellow Lancaster act This Or The Apocalypse. Additionally, the group has announced […]

CENTURY starts development on second, third parts of “Black Ocean” short film series

Pennsylvania’s CENTURY have confirmed that the band is currently developing the second and third parts of the “Black Ocean” short film series. The series of films comes from its musical counterpart, and second full-length, ‘Black Ocean.’ Part one of the series, available in its entirety here:  in both music video and short film versions and aroused […]