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Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas – Mariner

If Vertikal and its companion piece Vertikal II were Cult of Luna’s final, triumphant shout, then it’s poetic that silence followed afterwards. The band has created a career from the interplay between thunderous, violent peaks, and soft, hypnotic lulls. All the same, I was disappointed to learn that there’d be no more brilliant and mesmerizing […]

Cult of Luna – Vertikal

Raze the neon towers and huddled tenements of futuristic cityscapes – from Blade Runner to The Dark Knight Rises – and you’ll find Metropolis as their foundation. Released as a silent film in 1927, it’s echoed through our collective sci-fi imagination ever since. C3PO, the Macintosh 1984 commercial, the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein, the artificial hands of various […]

Cult of Luna set to Release DVD

Swedish art-rockers CULT OF LUNA are gearing up for their first ever DVD release, titled FIRE WAS BORN.The DVD includes an epic hour-and-a-half live show recorded on July 1st, 2008 at the Scala in London, UK, along with an exclusive interview with the band, in which the members answer questions sent in from fans all […]

Cult of Luna – Eternal Kingdom

Like many a listener I discovered Cult of Luna in 2002 when I heard their masterpiece, The Beyond. However I lost track of them after that as I was bored by Salvation and don’t even recall Somewhere Along the Highway.  I decided to give them another chance though as I loved The Beyond so much. […]