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Necrom – All Paths are Left Here…

All too often in life, things just refuse to be simple. Take this album from Necrom for example: On the surface, this should be a slam dunk of an release to promote.  Objectively speaking, I’ll just get to the point – All Paths Are Left Here… is one of the best examples of Old School […]

LG Petrov has passed away

LG (Lars-Göran) Petrov, vocalist of the legendary Entombed, has passed away. The iconic voice behind one of Death Metal’s most influential acts lost his battle to an incurable form of bile duct cancer. The news was confirmed by his Entombed A.D. bandmates. Our hearts go out to his family, bandmates and loved ones, and to […]

Entombed – Clandestine (Live)

Bear with me me here…….. back in 1992, whilst in college, I read in Pitch Weekly ( a free, alternative Kansas City paper) , that Entombed were playing at a local VFW. Of course, I was going, so that night, I loaded up up beers and other substances and headed out with a friend. Well, […]

Entombed A.D – Back to the Front

So in summation: band forms, band does a couple of demos under Nihilist moniker, band changes name to Entombed, then releases two certifiably classic albums (Left Hand Path, Clandestine). Then release a third divisive album, Wolverine Blues (which has actually grown on me in my older, wiser years). Then things get a bit odd with a  […]

Entombed – Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments

Old logo? Yup. Old Seagrave-ish cover? Yup. A pissed off LG Petrov? Yup. Blastbeats? Yup. ‘That” guitar tone? Yup. A complete return to form?… Almost. Truth is a much as I revere Entombed’s classic first two albums and have yet to really appreciate the much lauded Wolverine Blues, I really haven’t paid Entombed that much […]