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Necrom – All Paths are Left Here…

All too often in life, things just refuse to be simple. Take this album from Necrom for example: On the surface, this should be a slam dunk of an release to promote.  Objectively speaking, I’ll just get to the point – All Paths Are Left Here… is one of the best examples of Old School […]

Dismember Call it Quits

According to, veteran Swedish death metallers Dismember have called it a day in a statement issued by bassist Tobias Cristiansson; “After 23 years, DISMEMBER have now decided to quit. We wish to thank all our fans for your support.” Dismember, one of the founding fathers of the Swedish death metal scene, have been one […]

Dismember – Dismember

Don’t get me wrong, While I have enjoyed the last two Dismember albums, the fact is both Where Ironcrosses Grow and even the fine The God That Never Was, just seemed a bit forced and too melodic for me. However, with the self-titled tenth album, an infusion of youth into the line up and yet […]

Dismember – The God That Never Was

Dismember need no introduction or lengthy dissection, so I’ll get right to it. Of the patriarchal Swedish death metal bands of the early 90’s they have been the one band that stayed true and stayed together. However, their last effort on the ill-fated Karmageddon Media, Where Ironcrosses Grow was a little disappointing even if still […]

Dismember – Where Ironcrosses Grow

So here is album number 6 from one of Sweden’s pioneering and longstanding death metal stalwarts. A new Dismember album is always an event for me, a musical milestone I look forward too with glee, and while my fanboy approach to the band has to be stifled somewhat for an objective review, I find myself […]