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Hatebreed – Weight of the False Self

Listen, I fully understand the hate for Hatebreed. Past their influential debut, they have been responsible for popularizing ‘hardcore’ and making it more commercial, and putting it in malls and on MTV. But there is no denying their chest-beating anthemic take on ‘bro-core’ has been the rallying cry for a generation and more than likely […]

Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

Hatebreed’s last album, The Divinity of Purpose, was a very hit or miss output for me (with more misses than hits), that made it the only one of their albums that I did not purchase.  Still wary from that last full length I came into their new one a bit apprehensive to say the least, […]

Hatebreed – The Divinity of Purpose

Hatebreed:  You make this one tough on me.  You see we’ve had a good relationship going on now for almost 10 years.  You’re one of the first bands I started listening to when I got into metal (Joe Hardcore Hater: What?!? Dude hardcore SUCKS!), and your thick guitars and gruff vocals really opened my eyes […]


AS A THANK YOU TO FANS, HATEBREED WILL AUTOGRAPH EACH AND EVERY COPY OF THE DVD SOLD AT THESE RELEASE SHOWS LIVE DOMINANCE SLATED FOR RELEASE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2008 ON KOCH RECORDS (New York, NY) — To celebrate the release of their first-ever DVD, metal hardcore pioneers Hatebreed will hit the road in support […]