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Gristnam – Even Less LP

That special, swampy brand of metal that only seems to come from New Orleans is a sound I just can’t deny.  Even whenever the musical genre in question happens to be grind/death metal you can always expect a murkier, muddier take on the style if it’s Louisiana bred.  Gristnam features members of doom grinders Haarp […]

Phillip H. Anselmo and The Illegals – Walk Through Exits Only

Since appearing as a Rob Halford wannabee on Pantera‘s Power Metal in 1988, Phil Anselmo has appeared in a large number of different projects; the pioneering groove metal in the aforementioned band, the seminal Louisianan sludge/southern/stoner metal outfit Down, the black metal groups Eibon and Christ Inversion, the hardcore Superjoint Ritual and Arson Anthem and […]

Christ Inversion – Christ Inversion

This turned out to be quite a surprise. Completely unaware of this super group’s origins, I expecting something of a generic, tin can sounding black metal record. I was definitely wrong on that one. Upon opening the jewel case liner, two VERY notable names jumped out at me. Phil Anselmo being involved took me a […]