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Mistweaver – Swansong

I was a bit surprised to find that Spain’s Mistweaver were releasing a new album this year, mainly due to the fact that the band called it quits back in 2017. Unfortunately for us, Swansong, the band’s sixth and ultimately final album is exactly that, a swansong for the group, that founder/guitarist/vocalist Raúl Weaver saw […]

Goddamn – More Than Human Than Us

Unlike Necromance’s last batch of 2 releases I reviewed (Bolu2 Death and Absenta) which were completely different, the labels next pair of releases is at least in the same wheelhouse. While both hail from Spain,  Blinded For Lies is a classic old school take on US metalcore and Goddamn’s debut, More Human Than Us is a […]

Blinded For Lies – Unity

From the label that brought us Flamenco inspired deathcore in Bolu2Death and some blackened crust in Absenta, comes 2 more releases a little more similar to each other. Both from Spain, we have Goddamn and Blinded For Lies, both residing in the metalcore realm, but both being rather good- if you are into that sort […]

Absenta – Eel

From the label that brought us techno and flamenco inspired nu metal/deathcore in Bolu2death, comes a more easy to pigeonhole release in Eel from this long running Spanish black metal/crust group Absenta (Absinthe). It’s my first exposure to the band but I immediately thought of bands like Deluge, Celeste and Regarde les  Hommes Tomber. Not necessarily […]

Bolu2 Death – Dualitas

Oh boy. Here’s one that’s going to get the metal heads’ hackles up and get my credibility absolutely shot. In theory I have no business liking this, it’s a Spanish band calling themselves ‘Flamencore’ and it mixes a ton of styles that I would usually despise; it’s got the bass heavy nu metal chug of […]