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Oreamnos – The Granite Wall

So this fall sees a couple of Matt Schott (Valdur, Sxuperion) projects drop new albums. There’s a disgusting new Cabinet EP and this project he has with his former cohort in Weverin, named Oreamnos. I covered the prior Oreamnos release, Into the Night, and it was as I was expected considering Schott’s (who does drums […]

Oreamnos – Into the Night EP

Oreamnos (a kind of goat apparently?) is the new project from former partners in New York’s Weverin,  Matt Schott (also from Valdur and Sxuperion) on drums and vocals, and Sam ‘the harp’ on guitar and bass. And while I have not heard any of Weverin’s considerably obscure discography, I am somewhat familiar with the Valdur […]