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Composted – Plump Up the Volume

Hailing from Boston, Mass, I had never heard of Composted before.  They’re an interesting band of fellows.  After looking at the insert pictures, cover, layout and reading the lyrics I made this assessment.  If you took Larry “The Cable Guy” and gave him some instruments with 3 other doppelgangers I believe Plump Up The Volume […]

TON – Bow Down to Extinction

Several years ago, Ohio’s TON reformed and now we are finally seeing the fruits of their labor.  Bow Down To Extinction is their second album, their ’99 debut, Plague, is outstanding.  I was a huge fan of TON’s demos, in the 90’s Internal Bleeding and TON shared many good times together onstage.  They are also […]

Desecrate the Faith – Disfigured Arrangement

  If you enjoy ultra-brutal death metal, played with extra hot sauce from good ‘ole Houston, Texas, well than look no further than Desecrate the Faith.  I see the band being labeled in the deathcore territory.  That’s B.S.  I mean I do enjoy deathcore, but this is slam death metal and yes, there are differences. […]

Immortal Suffering – Asylum EP

Well, well, well, look who decided to reform??  New York’s Immortal Suffering putting out a brand new 7 song 22 minute ep, ready to rip your head off.  I could not think of a better cd to come back to sending in Teeth of the Divine some new reviews every once in a while.  I […]

Torn the Fuck Apart – Sexually Transmitted Torture

“Listen here you beautiful bitch, I’m about to fuck you up with some truth”– Kenny Flowers (“I Can’t Believe She Got in the Van with Me”) In 2013 , I reviewed the second album ..The Dissection of Christ, from these Kansas City death metalers, it was a solid hodge-podge of death metal styles that showed some […]