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Gravestone – Hollow By Thy Grave

This fall/early winter, a group of excellent Swedish-styled/HM-2 death metal releases will be vying for your attention and hard-earned cash. Belgium’s Carnation,  Prosthetic Records’ 2023 foray into the genre, Xorsist, Australia’s The Plague, reliable German vets Endseeker, and the best of the bunch, the long overdue second album from Sweden’s Gravestone. The 2018 debut, Sickening, […]

Just Before Dawn – A War Too Far

After 3 years, countless singles, EPs, and compilations former Amon Amarth and Blood Mortized guitarist Anders Biazzi and his cohorts are finally back with a full-length album (number 5) to follow up 2020s An Army at Dawn, one of the better Bolt Thrower worshiping albums of the last few years. But there are a few […]

Just Before Dawn – In The Realm Of Ash And Sorrow EP

In the rather full realm of Bolt Thrower worship, plenty of bands and staked a claim on the mantle left by the departed British warmongers; Hail of Bullets, Humiliation, Frozen Soul, Decaying, Creeping Flesh, Chainsword just to name a few, but you could argue the top two current Bolt Thrower homage bands are of course, […]

Infidel Reich – New World Outrage

Infidel Reich is back with their third release, their second full length New World Outrage.  Another bombardment of Motörhead meets Sodom battalion of brutal death/thrash metal with smatterings of punk and even Carnivore.  After kind of a meaningless intro  “Sic Semper Tyrannis” comes bursting through with a killer riff which repeats throughout the album.  I […]

Just Before Dawn – An Army At Dawn

Theoretically, for this review, I feasibly should just be able to say ‘If you like Bolt Thrower, seriously, just get this’ and be done with it. It should be that simple, especially after 3 albums and a slew of singles/splits and eps. However I’ve been in communication with guitarist Anders Biazzi for a few years […]

Supreme Carnage – Morbid Ways to Die

Did you find your self craving the new Jungle Rot record this year? Do you like meat and potatoes? Do you like chunky, no frills Death metal? Did you enjoy Grave’s last 4 albums? if you answered yes to the previous questions, just go ahead and order the third album from Germany’s Supreme Carnage. Seriously- what […]

Just Before Dawn – Tides of Blood

You’d think the UKs Memoriam, featuring Bolt Thrower’s own Karl Willets and Andrew Whale would be the natural heir apparent to Bolt Thrower and their trundling form of war themed death metal, but it appears Sweden’s all star troupe Just Before Dawn are actually the more fitting replacement, even more so with another Bolt Thrower growler […]

Gravestone – Sickening

I’ve been impressed with new label Raw Skull Recordz and their early releases from Bullcreek and Graceless, but the debut full length  from Sweden’s Gravestone is clearly the label’s best effort so far (at least until the new Just Before Dawn?) . You know exactly what you are getting here as the band features Penki Samuelsson from […]

Graceless – Shadowlands

Holland’s Graceless are a new act, but feature a number of veterans from the Dutch scene from the likes of the excellent Nailgun Massacre and Soulburn, Master and Grand Supreme Bloodcourt. And the end result is what you’d expect from a collaboration of those folks. If you enjoy any of these band members other projects you […]

Bullcreek – Osschaert

I heard about this band and album from one of Trever Strnad’s posts over at Metal Injection about albums he is liking, it’s always a good read and full of bands I already know and some I don’t. Bullcreek was one I didn’t know, so I checked it out. Named after a haunted Dutch lake […]