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Ultimatum – Lex Metalis

Since it’s formation in 1992, New Mexico’s Ultimatum has been steadfast in it’s pursuit of the Metal Dream. This is one of those bands that lives, eats and breathes Heavy Metal on stage and off. For it’s fifth full length studio release, the band has chosen to pay homage to some of it’s heroes and […]

Hero – Immortal

From the metallically fertile landscapes of Sweden comes the three piece Hero. Thier newest album Immortal showcases a melodic, yet melancholy sound with lots of mid-tempo, double-kick headbanging passages and sweeping, ambient ballads. The sound is somewhat unique in the way it combines it’s influences. It’s got the tight guitar sound and epic keyboard layers […]

Menchen – Red Rock

Retroactive Records is getting a lot of mileage out of master guitarist Bill Menchen. What with Titanic and The Seventh Power releases already in circulation, both of which are headed up by Menchen, we are now treated to a new project under his own name. As stated, Bill Menchen is a fantastic guitarist and Classic […]

Seventh Power, The – Dominion & Power

These are the kinds of reviews that are hard to do. When there are things that are clearly very good about an album coupled with things that seem to hold it back from becoming essential, it can be confusing trying to write them. If the good is over-praised, you run the risk of disappointing people. […]

Main Line Riders – Shot In The Dark

There are a lot of bands popping up with a sound that is a throwback to the glory days of ‘80s Sunset Strip Sleaze Rock. Most notably, Buckcherry (who recently went platinum), but also Vains Of Jenna & Hardcore Superstar. Call it the 20-year cycle…2007 is seeing 1987 manifest itself in the Rock scene. Witness […]

Ultimatum – Into the Pit

Mighty New Mexico thrasher’s Ultimatum return with their first album in 6 years titled Into The Pit. Not only is this album a long time coming, it also very well may be the best music Ultimatum has ever produced in their 14 year existence. Best described as a blend of Classic and Thrash Metal, Ultimatum’s […]