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Satyricon – Satyricon & Munch

Let me just say straight away that this is not a metal album. Its hard to describe what it is, exactly. Argh! Ok, its fair to say I have never done any sort of Classical music review… ever. While this is a Satyricon album, and their name is on the tin. This is part of […]

Satyricon – Satyricon

The self-titled album. A tradition as old as almost metal itself. There are several reasons for the eponymous album title. An introduction, by which the band simply says “We are Iron Maiden. We are Black Sabbath. We are Bathory. And this is our sound.” Or a re-introduction, where the band has undergone some significant change, […]

SATYRICON Signs Licensing Deal With Nuclear Blast for Upcoming Album

  The eighth , self titled studio album by Norwegian black band SATYRICON will be released in North America on September 17th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. “We are back. Sorry it took so long, but we needed the time to be able pull off a record like this,” states band frontman Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven. “Comparing […]

Satyricon – The Age of Nero

Based on the My Skin is Cold EP earlier year, I had hopes that perhaps Satyricon would start stepping out of the sterile little comfort zone they’ve created for themselves of late. Maybe a little more textural or structural variety, or perhaps just something with a faster tempo. I wasn’t expecting the return of The […]

Satyricon – My Skin is Cold EP

I remember seeing some pretty wretched reviews for Now, Diabolical when it was released – claims that Satyricon had finally deconstructed and dumbed-down their sound to a simplified parody of their once-feral greatness. I didn’t think so – sure, it was minimalist, but not toothless – it still seethed in the right places, and rocked […]

Satyricon – Volcano

I dismissed Satyricon long ago. After listening to the first song on Volcano it became apparent I was too hasty. While they bear little resemblance to their glory days of nearly a decade ago, luckily they resemble even less the late 90’s version that turned me away. Satyricon seems to be one of those bands […]