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Suidakra – Crogacht

Fifteen years and nine albums in, Suidakra’s Crogacht is not only exactly what you would expect form the band but an inviting return to their earlier sound. The past few albums had some missteps (2005’s Command to Charge comes to mind) but 2006’s Caledonia showed the band coming around. What is displayed on 2009’s Crogacht […]

Suidakra to release new album, announce North American tour

With the rise in popularity in the Pagan/Celtic Metal Scene, one of the true pioneers of the Genre is ready to take the United States scene by storm. Over their fourteen year history, SuidAkrA have stayed true to their roots and the sound that they have become known for. The German Celtic metallers are returning […]

Suidakra – 13 Years of Celtic Wartunes

From 1997’s Lupine Essence to this years upcoming Crógacht, Germany’s Suidakra have been one of metals most consistent yet underrated acts. Whether plying Celtic/folk ish black metal as their early releases, or melodic death metal like their middle set of releases the core of Arkadius and Marcel Schoenen have forged on under the Suidakra banner […]