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Unearth – The Wretched, The Ruinous

Certain things will always bring me back to my adolescence, like every time I see a 90s Dodge Caravan (my first car), eating a chicken cutlet wedge (that was just a thing where I grew up, I dunno), seeing someone wear a studded belt, or gods help me, if I ever have a chance to […]

Unearth – Darkness in the Light

Ahhhh… Unearth… one of the pioneers of the modern metalcore scene. Every time these guys come out with a new album it’s like an old friend you haven’t seen in a few years coming to visit – you think they might have changed but you’re hoping not by much. How does this, their fifth full […]

Unearth to release “The March” special edition!

On November 10th, 2009, fans will be able to get their hands on the new deluxe version of Unearth’s latest album, The March! The album will come with a bonus DVD featuring a tour documentary entitled, The Three Day March, with footage shot by acclaimed director, Doug Spangenberg (Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die, […]

Unearth – The March

Released with relatively little fanfare, Unearth’s fourth studio album shows that this Boston band, while certainly never able to attain the level of magnificence of The Stings of Conscience, is one of the most consistent and predictably satisfying American metal acts around. The formula, as with like minded act Killswitch Engage, is simple; deft Swedish […]


Month-long trek to feature support from Protest the Hero, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel and more.. Influential metal quintet UNEARTH has completed work on its new album. Entitled The March, the record is scheduled to drop on October 14 via Metal Blade Records. The March was recorded at both MA’s System Recording Studios and Zing Studios […]

Unearth commence work on new album

Influential metal quintet UNEARTH has begun work on its new album. The follow up to the band’s acclaimed 2006 release III: In the Eyes of Fire is scheduled to drop this October via Metal Blade Records. UNEARTH is currently recording at MA’s System Recording Studios with producer Adam Dutkiewicz, while the album’s drum tracks are […]

Unearth – Alive From The Apocalypse DVD

 Arguably one of the more popular of the new wave of American Metal Acts, Unearth have released this 2 disc DVD to their adoring fans (or a Metal Blade contract filler?), as a stop gap between III: Into the Eyes of Fire and the next no doubt huge album.The main part of the 2 disc […]

Unearth – III: In the Eyes of Fire

This band was my first introduction into the present day metalcore scene. Obviously, metalcore was around way before that, but the mixture of Gothenburg melodic death and hardcore was just undeniable when Unearth slammed the metal world with their debut The Stings Of Conscience. Since then, the band has proved that in a sea of […]

Unearth – The Oncoming Storm

Arguably the most anticipated metalcore album of the year and sophomore album from one of the genre’s most revered acts, The Oncoming Storm is the album that floppy black-haired, hip hugging jeans wearing kids have been salivating for, for over 3 years now. So is it worth the wait? Well yes and no. Yes, because […]

Unearth – The Stings of Conscience

Hardcore albums never sound this perfect, nor do most death or black metal albums for that matter. In fact, it would not be a stretch to announce this as the holy grail of the new breed of European metal-influenced hardcore that has sprung up recently with the likes of Shadows Fall, Darkest Hour, Red Roses […]