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Unfathomable Ruination – Enraged & Unbound

England’s Unfathomable Ruination return with their third full length Enraged and Unbound.  I must admit I am not too familiar with this group. Unfathomable Ruination play a style of brutal technical death metal similar to: Cryptopsy, Origin and Internal Suffering.  Needless to say these gents waste zero time getting things moving and shaking. “An Obsidian […]

Interview with Unfathomable Ruination

Last year Sevared records put out one of their best albums ever, in my opinion, from Unfathomable Ruination- Misshapen Congenital Entropy was a highlight for releases last year. Massively heavy, brutal blast beats with guttural vocals, but also some technical aspects to the well played songs. I thoroughly enjoyed the enormous bass bomb drops that appeared in various parts of the album, which created a more brutal environment for the songs to even sound more lethal. Around for a mere 3 years the band has seen their popularity grow as they perform with national acts and devastate crowds and they are one of the best bands coming out of the UK, at the moment. Just look at the fuckin crazy looking album cover. That ginormous monstrous plant thingy looks to wreck havoc upon your mere mortal soul if you fail to purchase their debut cd. Their guitarist, Daniel Herrera, was super cool in getting the answers back to me quickly and here is what he had to say regarding the inner workings of this great young band.