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Véhémence – Ordalies

This review is brought to you by Google Translate.  Par le sang versé, the 2019 sophomore album from these epic/medieval French black metallers, snuck into the back end of my 2019 year-end list, but I if were redoing that year’s list, it would have been a top ten, maybe a top 5 release, as I […]

He Who Binds Himself – He Who Binds Himself

He Who Binds Himself is a death metal band from Arizona, and they are of interest to me and might be of interest to you as they feature members of Vehemence, the US death metal band who released the fantastic God Was Created back in 2002, a classic album from the 00s. When Vehemence went […]

Interview With Vehemence

In this ‘journalism’ gig you run across hundred of people and bands. I’ve done countless interviews, got countless emails and Facebook messages and so forth, but you rarely make a connection. Something more than just the grinding wheels of music and reviewing/interviewing. However, sometimes you do make a deeper connection and dare I say, friendship. I like to think I made one such connection with Nathan Gearhart, the vocalist for the re-activated Arizona Death metal band, Vehemence.

Vehemence – Forward Without Motion

So back in 2004 I compared Vehemence’s God Was Created to Entombed’s Left Hand Path, granted, a brash comparison by a relatively younger , inexperienced me. However, I do stand by the fact the album is fantastic, and it remains one of my top 25 albums of all time. And the track “She Never Noticed Me” […]

VEHEMENCE: Phoenix Death Metal Outfit Returns After A Decade Of Silence; New LP To See Fall Release Via Battleground Records

New LP To See Fall Release Via Battleground Records Following an entire decade without a new album, Phoenix-based melodic death metal kingpins, VEHEMENCE, return to full-time duty in 2015, having reactivated the band and completed their fourth full-length studio full-length, Forward Without Motion, which is now set for release this Autumn via Battleground Records. Their […]

The New Classics: Vehemence – ‘God Was Created’

So here is the first of our new classics feature that is likely to ruffle a few feathers, just as the album’s initial release did back in 2002. The second album from Arizona’s Vehemence, God Was Created. Released in a bit of a dead era for death metal, the album was released on Metal Blade and was one of Metal Blade’s real gambles, being a new, young death metal band amid the label’s roster that included Vader, Amon Amarth, Vomitory, Bolt Thrower and such, and in a time where US death metal was in a bit of a lull. The band had a self-released album, The Thoughts From Which I Hide under their belt, and followed up God Was Created with 2004’s Helping the World to See, but it was the infamous middle album that divided metal fans and critics.

Vehemence – Helping the World to See

I’ll admit, my review of 2002’s God Was Created was slightly overzealous, but Vehemence’s second full length album was still worthy of my album of the year title, so with their follow up I’ll try to be a little more level headed and objective, but still, Vehemence are on of my favorite bands. If anything, […]

Vehemence – God Was Created

God Was Created is the second album from Arizona’s Vehemence, and upon looking upon the typical death metal cover and spiky logo, I was bracing for another assault of U.S.-styled Immolation copycat blasting or Suffocation worship. Man, was I fucking wrong! Instead I was graced with quite possibly one of the best U.S. death metal […]