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Machiavellian – The Impossibility of Death in the Minds of the Living EP

Another band out of the recent UK deathcore/death metal scene (Ingested, Annotations of an Autopsy, etc), Machiavellian’s debut 4 song EP, though on the short side offers up 23 minutes of pretty solid and at times sludge laced deathcore that shows a little promise. Though only 4 songs, one of the songs is over 6 […]

Deadwalk – Scandalous

Ive been is somewhat of a musical/critical funk recently, unable to filter the stacks of avant-garde black metal, tech death metal and acoustic non metal that’s filled my head of late. Its time to strip down to bare basics, and listen to some simple bludgeoning music that requires no thought, no in depth analysis and […]

Derelict – Unspoken Words

Well whadya know? Another ultra talented tech-ish band from Canada – Montreal to be exact. When I received this promo, Derelict was still an unsigned band, but was recently signed to Year of the Sun. The packaging the band sent the CD in is immediately impressive, giving the notion that this is a band that […]

Misguided Aggression – Hatchala

After the surprising excellence of the recent Odium album, I thought I’d delve back into the Year of the Sun Records pool, only this time with different results. Never have a band been so appropriately named (at least until a band comes out called ‘Annoying Fucking kids Playing Shitty Deathcore’, but I digress). Canada’s Misguided […]

Odium – At The Bottom

Folks, THIS is how clean vocals on a metal record are done right. Plying a familiar form of modern metal that will appeal to fans of Killswitch Engage, All That Remains and such, Canada’s Odium add a couple of things to spruce up their sound: some heavy handed but well placed, dramatic orchestral synths that […]

Derelict Signs With Year of the Sun Records

New Album “Unspoken Words” In Stores May 19th, 2009 Montreal based Derelict has officially signed with Year of the Sun Records and Kerosene Media for the release of their upcoming new album, “Unspoken Words.” The album will surface in stores across Canada on May 19th, 2009. The group is currently streaming tracks from their forthcoming […]

Machiavellian Release Video Teaser Online

Skelmersdale England’s death-thrash outfit Machiavellian has posted a video teaser for their new album “The Impossibility of Death in the Minds of the Living” online here. The group’s debut release will surface this spring on Year of the Sun Records. Recorded at Foel Studios in Wales, “The Impossibility of Death in the Minds of the […]

Misguided Aggression Signs With Year of the Sun Records

Woodstock, Ontario based Misguided Aggression has officially signed a with Year of the Sun Records and Kerosene Media for the release of their upcoming debut full-length, “Hatchala“. The album will surface in stores across Canada on March 17th, 2009. The group is currently streaming the tracks “Our Kingdom Come” and “Pigs in the Market” from […]

Glasgow Grin – Saints of the Greatest Sin

I’ve listened to and enjoyed a lot of deathcore over the years-most of it from the genres larger names on larger labels. But one of the smaller gems I discovered was an EP back in 2007 from a Canadian band called Dear Black Diary. Hardly groundbreaking stuff, but solid and well done with a crafty […]

Synastry “As The Dust Settles” Video Available Online

Montreal’s Synastry have made their video for the track “As The Dust Settles” available online here . The  video was directed by Chad Archibald (Arise & Ruin, 3 Mile Scream, Farewell To Freeway) and was shot in Kitchener, Ontario. “We are both happy and proud of the way the video came out, and we have […]

Glasgow Grin Signs With Year of the Sun Records And Reveals Serial Killer Concept Album

Canada’s Glasgow Grin has signed with Year of the Sun Records for the release of their upcoming debut album Saints of the Greatest Sin. Glasgow Grin’s debut is expected to surface in October 2008 and was recorded at Frozen Solid Studios with producer Matt Connell (Ex-Exhumed, Fuck the Facts) and mixed by Jamie King (Between […]

Synastry – Blind Eyes Bleed

Although it sounds like an ominous technological term, the word Synastry actually comes from astrology, and refers to the concurrence or connection between two different signs and their influence on two individuals in a relationship. I’m not sure why the band chose this name – maybe it just sounded cool – but perhaps it’s a […]

What’s He Building In There? – S/T

Thanks to the US postal service, it took numerous attempts an several months for me to get my copy of this for review from the label and after the wait, though I’m not completely sold, this is if anything, a very, very challenging and ambitious work. If you think the likes of Between the Buried […]

Of The First Born Son- S/T EP

Every year there are a few releases that kill a genre for me. This year, Bless The Fallen’s Eclectic Sounds of a City Painted Black and White and Of The First Born’s self titled debut EP has killed melodic metalcore for me. Terrible, terrible cover, forced song writing and vocals and a plethora of utterly […]

Dear Black Diary – S/T

So I suddenly find myself innundated with a plethora of deathcore releases by bands like Misericordiam, The Partisan Turbine, Rose Funeral, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky and many others, yet the most low profile, yet surprisingly competent is this self titled debut EP from Ontario’s Dear Black Diary. Though hardly […]