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Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic

So Jeff Waters is still slinging the crap out of his guitar?  I had no idea.  Canada’s speed metal veterans return with their 17th, yes you read that correctly, 17th full length album, Ballistic, Sadistic.  Of course you had the classic Alice in Hell album in 1989 and really after that I kind of lost […]

Annihilator – Annihilator

I’ve been an Annihilator fan since I heard the first strains of album opening instrumental “Crystal Ann” from their 1989 debut Alice in Hell. By the time the second track, “Alison Hell,” was over, I was devoted. The band’s been through some ups and downs over the years, but they always seem to bounce back […]

Full details on new Annihilator album

Annihilator are due to release their new self-titled studio album in Europe on May 17 via Earache Records. Distribution for Japan and Australia will be handled by Marquee and Riot Entertainment, respectively. For North America and all other territories, fans can visit the official Annihilator website on May 15 for other purchase options. Meanwhile, the […]


Earache Records is very proud to announce the signing of Canadian thrash metal pioneers ANNIHILATOR to a European deal. Since releasing their classic ALICE IN HELL debut in 1989, ANNIHILATOR has consistently played heads-down, no-frills metal, led by guitar virtuoso JEFF WATERS. Now, in 2009, Earache is proud to welcome one of the originators of […]

Annihilator – Metal

Jeff Waters is to Annihilator was Dave Mustaine is to Megadeth. The Main Man. The Chief Dude In Charge. The Head Honcho. When the High Exalted Potentate of this mighty Canadian Thrash Legend that is Annihilator chose to utilize “guest appearances” on his new album, aptly titled, Metal, the decision was met with groans & […]

Annihilator – 10 Years in Hell DVD

Sometimes it amazes me how the music industry has kept itself alive this long. Think about it for a minute. Think about all the great bands you know that have been left to languish in obscurity, and then think about all the crap that gets pushed on listeners by the record companies. I pondered this often […]