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Festival Report: Tuska Open Air 2012 – Sunday

Teeth of the Divine’s battle-worn assault squad is back for the last time to recollect the experiences and ordeals they went through on the last day of Tuska Open Air Metal Festival — held in Helsinki, Finland for the fifteenth time. Sunday provided quite possibly the festival’s brightest highlights with Overkill storming the stage and Huoratron blinding everyone with their over-the-top strobo-lights. This is Sunday and the end of our epic three-part quest to TUSKA OPEN AIR 2012.

Festival Report: Tuska Open Air 2012 – Saturday

Teeth of the Divine’s battle worn assault squad is back to recollect the experiences and ordeals they went through on the second day of Tuska Open Air Metal Festival — held in Helsinki, Finland for the fifteenth time. Saturday not only saw heavy metal’s more empowering side, but its blackest as well. Thus, our report of epic proportions continues with the last day of June 2012. This is Saturday.

Festival Report: Tuska Open Air 2012 – Friday

The fifteenth Tuska Festival was held for the second time at the Suvilahti-area, only a short distance away from the very center of Finland’s capital, Helsinki. The ever-changing and unpredictable weather saw almost fifty or so bands (including Ministry, Megadeth, Behemoth, Anaal Nathrakh, Sabaton, Trivium and Horna to name a few) play for around 28,000 metalheads during the final days of June (and first day of July) 2012. Teeth of the Divine’s task force was sent to investigate and muster up a report of epic proportions. This is Friday.

Festival Report: Wanaja Festival 2012

Hämeenlinna is a city (with a population of 60k) some 100 kilometres north from Helsinki. A somewhat of a beautiful place during summertime (for example, the national park Aulanko). The city’s name stems from the iconic castle of Häme, built around the beginning of the 14th century. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the city was also the home of a long-defunct festival, Giants of Rock, which saw acts such as Dio, Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies, Helloween, Motörhead, Anthrax, Obituary and countless others play live — some could argue that some of those bands were in their prime at that time. (Check out Sepultura’s gig on YouTube.) But enough with history lessons…

Gig Report – Marduk, 1349, Withered, Weapon, and Black Fucking Cancer (SF, USA)

Aside from the bragging rights associated with attending a Swedish metal show, I was genuinely excited to see some “real” metal after spending the last two weeks lavishing in the cheap thrills of’s Metalcore/Deathcore/Nintendocore room.

Even though it was on a Sunday night, and I was violently hung over and sleep deprived, I packed my camera gear, put on the tightest pair of black jeans I could find, and drove down to DNA Lounge in San Francisco, California, to see an awesome lineup of bands.

Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd 10

Howdy folks! Who in the hell says “howdy” these days? Lame! Or at least not “Rad!” anyway; I’m pretty sure on this one, but be you might want to consult your copy of Hip Teenage Colloquialisms for Dummies just in case.. We’ll begin the proceedings with a couple of books as a way of proving to the world that I have in fact beaten back the disease of illiteracy…or some shit like that.

Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd 9

And we’re back! Nothing overly zany or wholly inappropriate to say this time around; only that I do enjoy these playlists and I’m always a little amazed with just how much music goes in and out of my ears on a weekly, even daily, basis. Some things never change; and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Decibel Magazine Tour: Behemoth, Watain, The Devil’s Blood, In Solitude

“Are you ready for some black metal?,” the guy in line ahead of me growled to his buddy. I didn’t step in to correct them, choosing not to be ‘that guy,’ but technically there was only one black metal band on tonight’s bill: Watain. The rest, all blackish, either by association or subject matter. Devil’s in the details.

Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd 8

It’s that time again, isn’t it? How infrequent is infrequent and how absurd is absurd? Have I told you that I’m reading Sammy Hagar’s book and that I waited until it came out on paperback to purchase it? How many more sentences formed as questions can you take? Does it really matter? Aren’t we all dead eventually anyway? Is that even relevant here? What happens next? You take a look at the list below, ok?

10 Albums That Need to be Re-issued

With the current trend of metal re-issues, previously revered or sought after releases are now easier to find and more accessible than their first run. I mean if it were not for re-issues, I would have never got to hear Uncanny’s “Splenium for Nyktophobia”, God Macabre’s “The Winterlong” , Convulse’s Wrld Without God or Gorement’s The Ending Quest. But reissues can be a double edged sword. I mean did we really need a Morta Skuld re-issue. Or how many times can Earache milk their early Carcass releases? . Heck, Attack Attack! recently re-issued their 2010 album. Yeah, really. But there’s still some releases out there that have been ignored over the last 20 years or so,releases I feel need to be heard again, or simply dusted off, and re-mastered to enhance their original sound. So I put together a list of albums that I personally would like to get the re-issue or remaster treatment, either due to their rarity or that they sounded like ass the first time around. I fully acknowledge that some of these might have been reissued on some obscure Ukrainian or South American bootleg label, but I’m talking about a re-issue on a recognized, corporately legal label, that’s freely available to anyone who does not want to go on the Russian black market to get a copy. Of course these are my own personal preferences, so until you have your own second rate internet review site such as ours, feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd 7

Dear diary, piss off! No relevance to anything really, just typing random shit. I don’t even have a diary and I sure as hell don’t want one. Can you even begin to understand that? There is a big fat list below. You should read it some time.

PHARAOH ‘Bury the Light’ GIVEAWAY!

The generous folks at Cruz Del Sur Music along with Clawhammer PR have decided that 3 lucky readers of Teeth of the should get a copy of Pharaoh’s latest opus of awesome American power metal, Bury the Light. The band’s critically acclaimed fourth effort sees Pharaoh remain atop American heavy metal pantheons and deliver their heaviest and most raw album yet.

Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd: Part 6

Up at 4:30 a.m. involuntarily, but what else is new? Insomina is a way of life and I can never seem to stop the gray matter from percolating, bubbling, and spitting juice.. Then I start thinking that I’ve not done one of these playlists in quite a while. But then again, they are infrequent, as […]

Brett Callwood Takes The Stooges Head On

  If you don’t know about The Stooges, then it’s time to do some research and learn about the primitive blueprint for punk, the precursor to primal musical minimalism, and an integral part of a late 60s/early 70s hugely influential rock ‘n roll scrapyard in Detroit that also spawned the likes of the MC5, Ted […]

Teeth of the Divine’s STAFF PICKS for 2011

Well, another year. Another late year rush to get staff picks together, which is a lot like herding cats. Another year of rotating staff members. Another year of departed metal icons. But despite of all that, another year of seemingly endless awesome metal. Its seems like each year is always better than the last with a mix of old acts returning, newcomers bringing the thunder and of course the perennials and old reliables. Sit back and feast your eyes on this years cream of the crop according to the staff here at And of course feel free discuss, dissect and discredit, but more importantly tell us your picks, good and bad of 2011.

Bobble Blogging: The MC5’s Wayne Kramer and Iggy & The Stooges’ James Williamson

You know all those overused descriptions you read in reviews by writers (like the one penning these words) referencing a great guitarist’s ability to play his ass off each and every time, ones like “tearing it up,” “ripping it out,” “shredding,” and “wailing?” Well, in the cases of Wayne Kramer (MC5) and James Williamson (Iggy & The Stooges) those could not be more apt descriptions. Both icons of the axe have been immortalized as Limited Edition (750) Guitar God “Riffing” Collectibles, individually numbered bobble heads that inclusive of a recorded signature riff that you can hear by pushing a button on the base mount.

BARGAIN BIN REVIEWS – Lemming Project’s “Hate and Despise”

I swear, I have every intention of trying to make this a somewhat regular blog.

Here is the true definition of a Bargain Bin Find!!!!. I located this CD in the clearance rack of a Hastings, and grabbed it for a mere 25 cents- though technically it was a dollar, seeing as the bin was 4 for a dollar. So I had to grab a Boys 2 Men Christmas CD, a Jose Stone CD and an album by some Latin rap group.


What’s this? A new giveaway? That’s right, folks and what a giveaway it is! We’ve got no other than one of rock and roll’s legends and shock rock originators on board: Mr. ALICE COOPER! The man of horror has just released his latest album ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ and to celebrate the occasion—and the fact that it’s a great record—we’re giving away two copies of the album on CD format. But that’s not all as one of the copies is signed by Alice Cooper! So come on up and take part in Teeth of the Divine’s ALICE COOPER horror madness!

Festival Report: Tuska Open Air 2011

This year Tuska Open Air was relocated from the middle of Helsinki to a new location. Just a five minute ride away to former energy hub, Suvilahti. The scenery had shifted from a dusty city park to pure industrial concrete jungle. With scorching heat and some 30,000 metalheads crammed together, Tuska Open Air’s three-day metallic meal, headlined by Morbid Angel, Devin Townsend and Amon Amarth, could’ve been the onset of the apocalypse. Was it?

Underworld Records GIVEAWAY!!!

Goddammit! Yeah, the summer vacation is over and it’s time to return back to the routines; work, natural disasters, war, famine and whatever else plagues y/our mundane lives from 9 to 5. Luckily for you, Underworld Records have hooked us to provide you with an opportunity to make your fall play out on with a positive note: Three bands. Six CDs. Two lucky winners. We’ve got SLIME IN THE CURRENT, we’ve got KILLGASM and we’ve got EXCOMMUNICATED CDs ready to go.

Forbidden, Revocation, White Wizzard, Havok, Vanlade Show Review

The Beaumont Club is a good-sized venue (1000 capacity or so) in Kansas City, Missouri’s Westport area, an area sometimes considered to be Kansas City’s birthplace but that now mostly houses good eateries, shops and nightlife options. The Beaumont’s rectangular shape— with the stage at one of the small ends, the bar at the other, and a long-ass walk in between—usually makes it difficult to traverse in the midst of a packed show. But when the place is mostly empty, the difficulty’s not there. Such was sadly the case of the Forbidden, Revocation, White Wizzard, Havok and Vanlade show held at the venue on Monday, June 27th.

Festival Report: Sauna Open Air 2011

Looking at the SAUNA OPEN AIR line-up is like taking a DeLorean for a spin; it’s a rad time machine back to the ‘80s. Or what else would you call a festival that gathers acts like Accept, Ozzy, Saxon, Doro, Helloween and Judas Priest together? Whatever it is, SAUNA OPEN AIR’s metalgrounds were filled with prowling headbangers―old and relatively young―craving for pure Heavy Metal.

Festival Report: Hellfest 2011

It has been nearly two weeks since returning home from Hellfest and I am still trying to wrap my mind around everything I experienced in just a few short days. Such an amazing whirlwind of music,places and most importantly, all the fantastic people we met from all over the globe! The combination of all these things made for a trip that we will never forget. For the majority of the planet, taking a seven hour plane ride, fifteen hour bus ride and venturing into a completely foreign world, where you speak absolutely zilch of the spoken language, may seem like a disaster in the making,but when you are crammed on said bus with fifty other stark-raving mad metal maniacs, it didn’t seem nearly as preposterous! Add to that the thoughts of the endless streams of the glorious music that awaited us in the remote town of Clisson, France and all in attendance were giggling like goons.

Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd: Part 5

So I had this dream that Origin was playing in a venue that appeared to be part American Legion hall and part ornate concert theater. As weird as that sounds, Origin was performing as a seven-piece, including guys playing traditional string instruments. If I recall, it was some kind of record release party and nobody knew what to say about the new material. It didn’t end up mattering because the cops raided the place. I escaped in the confusion, but have no idea where I went next because I woke up and figured I better write this stuff down. Mission accomplished.

Scott Alisoglu’s Infrequent Playlist of the Absurd – Part 4

“Look, Larry. Have you ever heard of Vietnam? You’re entering a world of pain.” John Goodman’s role as Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowksi was arguably the greatest performance by an actor in American cinematic history. You may now dialogue. Can you read? The ability to answer that question grants you access. Go!