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Watain – The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain

I reviewed Watains’s Trident Wolf Eclipse in 2018. Being new to their music back then, but knowing about them for years, I went into their music with fresh ears. I really enjoyed that album as well as their prior releases. They play a pretty high-octane style of black metal but mixed in with their melodies and metal influences […]

Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

I will attempt to do Watain’s ardent supporters proud by this review. Understand that I am new to the Watain camp, so forgive me if you disagree with me. Deepsend Records owner and friend, Graham Landers, recommended this new Watain to me and I was hooked. He guided me through their discography and within a […]

Watain – The Wild Hunt

The reaction to The Wild Hunt, the latest full-length release from Swedish black metal veterans Watain can be summed up in one word: this will be interesting. Without question, the old school/hardcore/lifelong Watain fans will largely cry out in anger that their beloved Anti-Cosmic Luciferianism heroes have sold out, never to return. The other faction, […]

WATAIN signs worldwide deal with Century Media Records

Century Media Records is proud to welcome Swedish black metal extremists WATAIN to its worldwide family. Legitimately labeled as genre leaders, deservedly awarded with a Swedish Grammy, playing the world’s biggest stages and touring the globe constantly while reaching numerous top positions in the annual reader’s polls, WATAIN have worked hard and achieved a lot […]

Decibel Magazine Tour: Behemoth, Watain, The Devil’s Blood, In Solitude

“Are you ready for some black metal?,” the guy in line ahead of me growled to his buddy. I didn’t step in to correct them, choosing not to be ‘that guy,’ but technically there was only one black metal band on tonight’s bill: Watain. The rest, all blackish, either by association or subject matter. Devil’s in the details.

WATAIN Confirmed For Maryland Deathfest 2010

Swedish Black metal tyrants WATAIN have – during and since their 111 date long “Fuck the World Tour” – been working in silence in secrecy on what is to become the band’s fourth full-length album. The band states: “We can now reveal the long awaited first live performance to break the silence. WATAIN will return […]

Watain – Sworn to the Dark

So in my recent discovering of all things black metal, one band that kept coming up as a band I had to hear was Sweden’s Watain. Lo and behold, Sworn to the Dark shows up in my mailbox and I play it expecting a nasty, evil and malevolent tide of blackened blasphemy. Instead what I […]