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General Surgery – Necrology EP (Re-issue)

For you whippersnappers out there, the current  incarnation of General Surgery―the one that reformed in 2003 and has released  two full-length albums since―is a far cry from what the band was in 1991 when they unleashed their seven song debut EP Necrology. One of the early super groups, culling members of the then burgeoning Stockholm Death metal […]

General Surgery – Corpus In Extremis: Analyzing Necrocriticism

It’s not everyday that you see a band held in high regard for immolating a sound so perfectly. General Surgery has been hailed the ultimate Carcass clone for sometime now and that’s really all I see going for them. The fact that people seem content with this bands worship is fine by me, but it […]

GENERAL SURGERY U.S. tour dates + on TV

In support of their just-released Corpus In Extremis, infamous Swedish goregrinders GENERAL SURGERY will be touring the western half of the USA in May and will also make a coveted appearance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest. The confirmed dates/venues are as follows: May 9 2009 LA Murderfest @ Knitting Factory Los Angeles, California May 10 […]