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Interview With Gorefest

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many band spotlights here at Teeth of the Divine .com. Think of this as our version of VH1’s Behind the Music. The aim with these features is to take you a little deeper into some of the more influential, important and respected band in metal. Band’s that through their albums, shaped genres, defined sounds and for many, changed lives. Some bands are still charging on, continuing to adding to their legacy, while other have since call it quits, allowing their recordings to continue their impact and legacy…

Gorefest – Rise to Ruin

Most bands who go on a 6 year or more hiatus don’t come back quite as well as Gorefest did. 2004’s La Muerte was a pummeling beast of a return to the scene and held high expectations for Rise to Ruin. Though the band isn’t turning pages in the future of death metal, they are […]

Gorefest – La Muerte

Well, here it is folks. The moment of this album arriving had me giddier than when my first real girlfriend let me touch her jiggly and moist bits for the first time. This is comeback album that for me, far exceeds the hype of Suffocation, Obituary, Celtic Frost, and whoever else the fuck has decided […]